Friday, December 24, 2010

Bah Humbug

Maybe I'm just being selfish but I'm really not into this whole Christmas thing. It's really just a reason to spend crazy money on stuff people don't really need. I just want to go sit somewhere and read a few good books.

Anywho... I love reading articles or blogs and then the comments people make, down at the bottom, usually. The comments can really be insightful and FUNNY. Let you know what people are really thinking. Or what certain types of people are really thinking. I mean the general population is probably not reading gawker. Here's one which you may not get unless you read the blog entry or article or whatever it is, first...

"Dating is not the same as choosing to marry and procreate and then being like "heeeey, this dude explodes into rooms, I need to destroy all my commitments to be with him!"

by someone named kimsama commenting on this

I thought that was hilarious. But maybe because I started at the beginning and read the whole thing.

Merry Christmas! :-I

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